Project Team

The project team is formed by an international group of developers and other major contributors:

Team members (in alphabetical order)
Carlos Querol caq Data Comparison, Network protocol
Dan Bar Dov dbbd Linux/PPC
Daniel Scheibli xca1019 Maintainer, Linux/IA32, Windows/IA32
Joe Eiler jeiler Solaris/SPARC
Ming Zhang cheungming Maintainer, Optimizations, Linux/IA32, Linux/XScale
Richard Riggs reriggs Sample ICF's
Rick Altherr raltherr Mac OS X/PPC
Thayne Harmon thayneharmon Netware/IA32
Vedran Degoricija vedrand Windows/IA32, Windows/IA64

List of the active team members of the project.

Team members (geographical location)

Map showing where the developers of the Iometer project actually live at (the underlaying map is part of the CIA's The World Factbook, which is in public domain).